Dredreaming "What Do You See?”

Dredreaming "What Do You See?”

by Joneshia Cranford-Shepherd (Author), Windel Eborlas (Illustrator)
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My inspiration for this book came from my son Michael. Although I prefer to keep him under my wings, it is evident that at some point he has to fly on his own and may possibly be faced with adversity and judgement based on his race. I wanted to write a series of books that grows with my character “Andre”. I want my readers, also known as “DreDreamers” to be on edge with excitement waiting on the arrival of the next book in the series. In this first book, Dre encounters his first uncomfortable experience dealing with race. It is my hopes that another young boy will read this book and feel empowered instead of defeated from the judgement of others.

Publication date
October 05, 2020
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