Learning Analytics Cookbook

How to Support Learning Processes Through Data Analytics and Visualization
by Roope Jaakonmäki (Author), Jan vom Brocke (Author), Stefan Dietze (Author), Hendrik Drachsler (Author), Albrecht Fortenbacher (Author), René Helbig (Author), Michael Kickmeier-Rust (Author), Ivana Marenzi (Author), Angel Suarez (Author), Haeseon Yun (Author)
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This book offers an introduction and hands-on examples that demonstrate how Learning Analytics (LA) can be used to enhance digital learning, teaching and training at various levels. While the majority of existing literature on the subject focuses on its application at large corporations, this book develops and showcases approaches that bring LA closer to smaller organizations, and to educational institutions that lack sufficient resources to implement a full-fledged LA infrastructure. In closing, the book introduces a set of software tools for data analytics and visualization, and explains how they can be employed in several LA scenarios.

Publication date
June 19, 2020
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19 MB

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