Summary of Jancee Dunn's How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I had a friend who was pregnant, and when she got her baby, she screamed at her husband because he wouldn’t empty the Diaper Genie. Tom is a sweet, caring spouse and father who spends hours with our daughter, Sylvie, patiently playing an eighth round of Go Fish.

#2 I had assumed that my very evolved husband and I, who were both freelance writers who worked from home, would naturally be in tune with each other. But after our baby was born, we quickly slid backward into the traditional roles we’d grown up seeing.

#3 I feel like I am constantly playing the scorekeeping game with my husband, Tom. I am always trying to see if he will step up and help out with the household chores, but he seems to enjoy floating around in a happy single-guy bubble on weekends.

#4 What makes me the most sad about our constant bickering is that it drags down what is, by all accounts, a pretty wonderful life. Our daughter is easygoing and goofy, and we live in a serene converted church in Brooklyn.

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