Parables of Love from Mom

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When my children were small and my husband in college, I continued to recreate the stories my parents told me as a child about animals having personalities and their teaching abilities. I used the stories to teach my children moral principles through fables. They knew if they went to bed by 8:00 p.m., they would get another chapter of some favorite pretend stories, spun out night after night, chapter by chapter. Many of these stories led to daytime adventures as the kids lifted up flat rocks in search of Harvey Rabbit's magic hole with the candy factory. They made horn toads into pets and few a mouse in box fitted with a running wheel. In 1989, I decided to write down some of those favorite stories to give my now grown children as a Christmas present. My artist sister illustrated these stories for me. The compilation of stories has been sitting in my cedar chest for 30 years, until recently, when I had them re-printed for my now growing family of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. God bless each and every child out there, that they may come to know in their head and heart that we are all God's angels placed here on earth with extraordinary abilities in order to love and bless each other's lives.

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10 giugno 2022
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