Fray Meets Jay

by Cushing,Jason (Author)
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Fray Meets Jay is the first book in a series of how wonderful my experience was when I met the love of my life and his children. Fray, a nine-year-old girl, is noticing how excited her dad is to introduce her to his new love. Fray understands that this is an important and possibly life-changing day. Despite all the concerns and excitement these three go through, the message is the same: no matter who is behind the door, love is the glue that holds everyone together. This book was created for those who don't think a family love is meant for them. This book was created for those who doubt that having family is possible. It illustrates that your dreams can become a reality and that your modern family can thrive. Join me as I share actual memories of being introduced to my now family.

Publication date
June 10, 2022
Page count
Paper ISBN
File size
11 MB

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