Sweet and Savory

de Jewel,Jaida (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

Sweet & Savory saved me. For years, I've been going through immense waves of depression, since I could even remember. I wanted this book to be as a guide, to show others and myself that their feelings are valid. Through life, we're taught how to make and use money, how to save, and that one day, you'd be able to afford that dream car or that ideal house. But no one goes into depth about the emotional state you have to constantly be in to live this life--to feel as though nothing will change and the vicious cycle you're in will continue to repeat itself from generation to generation. Through these words I've written, I've poured out my heart. I've written my truth over and over to engrave it in my mind. I learned to use my hurt as fuel, to ignite my dreams with my own self-doubt. Starting my journey of self-discovery, I listened to podcasts, read different books, and followed different influencers; but I still didn't feel fulfilled. I kept getting this nagging feeling that it just wasn't enough--that I need more. The raw truth hurts sometimes, which is one reason not so many people can truly deal with it or have it present in their lives. I've lost many people on my path, and I could never wrap my head around it. I am constantly looking for the "why?" and forever needing a reason to keep on striving. One day, I realized that I was the only reason that mattered. I was indeed the only person keeping me going. This power I continued to search for outside of myself has always been within me. If you ask a person if they're happy, they'll proceed to tell you all of the external reasons why, if they happen to say yes--never touching on the intimate reasons, what they have to tell themselves to keep going. Self-love is so far from the truth that society is custom too. It would shock most to know the way I healed these deep wounds was by love, listening to my own needs, and listening to music that my spirit was calling me to that day. As shocking as it may be, to know that crying is one of the best antibiotics there is--to release pain, confusion, jealousy, egotistical habits, and the need to self-sabotage; to be free of the old life you were stuck in; to know you had the key all along--is something you'd never forget. I hope one day, I'm able to continue showering this world with love and gems of knowledge that I've learned on my way. We as a collective deserve better. We deserve to heal. I see so many people repeating the same patterns, thinking they can't escape or that it's the only way. We were meant to love on the next and spread fruits of wisdom to nourish our loved ones. I understand it's a big responsibility to say I have something that can help change the world, but with how I see it is, I can start with one book at a time.

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10 de junio de 2022
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