Summary of Karen Frazier's Reiki Healing for Beginners

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The origins of Reiki go back to before the story of Western Reiki began, when there were at least four other types of Reiki being practiced in Japan. While the origins of this healing energy practice reach back before Dr. Mikao Usui, Western Reiki all starts with him and a 21-day meditation on Mount Kurama.

#2 Mikao Usui, a Japanese doctor, was born in 1865. He studied religion, medicine, divination, and psychology. He spent years seeking a state of consciousness known as An-shin Ritus-mei, which is a deep state of peace and purpose. He learned Zen Buddhist practices, including Zazen meditation, at a monastery.

#3 Chujiro Hayashi, a Japanese doctor, learned about Reiki from some of his fellow medical professionals who had trained with Dr. Usui. He began teaching Reiki in 1925. In 1937, the Japanese naval authority officials asked him to provide information about Hawaii, which he refused to do, and they branded him a spy.

#4 The practice of Reiki was brought to the Western world by Hawayo Takata, who trained and attuned 22 Reiki masters. Today, Usui Reiki practitioners can trace their Reiki lineage back through their Reiki masters to those who trained and attuned them, going all the way back to Mikao Usui himself.

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