Through a Mother's Eyes

by Jent,Mary Lou (Author)
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Have you ever wondered how Mary, the mother of Jesus, felt or thought about her experience of being the mother of the Son of God? Do you ever wish you could sit down with her and talk to her about her life as she took on the role and responsibility of motherhood? Do you ever think about what she could tell us mothers today? God chose Mary to bring His Son into the world, yet she was a natural woman like all of us mothers today. She had feelings and emotions. She felt love, joy, and pride as she watched Jesus grow into a man. As a loving, devoted mother, she suffered one of the most horrifying and unbelievable griefs a mother could live through as she saw her precious Son die on the cross. In Through a Mother's Eyes, the author captivates the audience of all ages, giving a narrative view of the life of Christ. From conception to the cross, you will be absorbed into the thoughts and feelings and actions of Mary the mother. Mothers throughout the world can relate to her joys and griefs. God bless each of you as you read and see the view and scripture guidelines through this wonderful story.

Publication date
June 20, 2022
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