Marriage at Ease

by Paeton Phaup (Author), Taci Phaup (Author)
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Is marriage fun for you, or is it frustrating? If you’re a military spouse or in the military yourself, you know that this particular job puts extra strain on every area of your life and requires additional effort and time.

In Marriage at Ease, authors Paeton and Taci Phaup use their own experiences to explore some healthy practices that can make marriage more of a breeze. They also consider what marriage truly is, how it came to be, and how it can last. Their candid discussion can serve as a manual and tool, with information designed to put your worries to rest and relax your grip on marriage as a duty. It can equip you with the hope you need to let go and trust the Lord with your marriage.

Uplifting and encouraging, this guide examines the topic of keeping the fire of marriage burning and provides practical, faith-driven advice.

Publication date
June 16, 2022
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