Summary of Jane Rivers' Breathwork

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#1 Breathwork is any type of conscious breathing technique or exercise. It is used to improve your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. When practicing breathwork, you will be intentionally changing your regular breathing pattern.

#2 Your body needs energy to function. It obtains this energy by taking sunlight and turning it into carbohydrates, which it then uses to fuel the different reactions within your body.

#3 Your body needs oxygen to break down the foods you eat and turn them into energy. Your body will then store that energy for a time when it needs it to perform a function or activity, allowing you to do so without any problems.

#4 When you breathe in, you take in oxygen that will then be diffused into the cells of your body for them to create energy. At the same time, carbon dioxide will be exchanged for that oxygen, eliminating the byproduct of the energy your body produced.

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