Summary of R. Albert Mohler's The Apostles' Creed

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#1 Modern theologians have had a difficult time finding a way to speak about God. They have attempted to find a new language for speaking about God, but they have failed to realize that God has already revealed himself in both nature and Scripture.

#2 The Christian faith is not established on some abstract deity or on some god. We do not confess, I believe in the numinous. We are here in the name of the supernatural, the sacred, and the divine. We do not call ourselves together in the name of the thrice unconditioned.

#3 The Christian identity is marked by the confession of God, the Father Almighty. The content of the Christian faith begins with the affirmation of the God who is, who spoke, and who revealed himself.

#4 The Trinity reveals God as Father. The Fatherhood of God is not just a theory, but a central pillar in the life of every Christian. We become sons of God only as we are united to Christ and thereby adopted into God’s family.

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June 22, 2022
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