The Metabolism-Boosting Diet

The Metabolism-Boosting Diet

by Joey Shulman (Author)
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With half of Canadians overweight or obese, it is abundantly clear that a “one size fits all” approach to losing weight doesn’t work. When following the same diet, person A may lose five pounds, while person B may lose half a pound! How can there be such a discrepancy? The answer is metabolism—what works well for one person may not suit another. Dr. Joey Shulman puts an end to “cookie cutter” weight-loss methods by showing you exactly how to boost your metabolism and keep the weight off for life. Her four-step approach includes

  • Identifying your metabolic roadblocks.
  • Metabolic boot camp—a period of sixty or ninety days, depending on the number of roadblocks determined in step 1.
  • Getting to goal—Most dieting books do not address the “second half” of weight loss where results may slow (typically occurs anywhere from week eight to twelve). In this book, Dr. Shulman will ensure you get to your goal weight by jumpstarting your metabolism at this critical stage.
  • Maintenance—Once you have successfully lost weight, Dr. Shulman’s priority is to give you the success tools to keep it off for life!

On The Metabolism-boosting Diet, there are no customized foods to purchase, no injections to take and no low-calorie plans to follow. There is no additional expense, no hunger, no feeling of deprivation—just results!

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January 31, 2012
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