Challenges in Public Health Governance

Challenges in Public Health Governance

The Canadian Experience
by Rocan Claude (Author)
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Challenges in Public Health Governance: The Canadian Experience is an examination of public health from a governance perspective. Part 1 begins with an examination of the fragmented nature of public health in Canada, identifies some major fault lines that characterize the public health realm, and reviews briefly the notion of network governance. Part 2 looks at specific public health theatres: crisis issues such as SARS and the HlNl pandemic, and the ongoing work of the Canadian Heart Health Initiative. It also examines the Pan-Canadian Public Health Network as the key piece of network infrastructure at the national level.

It seeks to demonstrate that current governance structures and mechanisms are inadequate to deal with the governance challenges facing public health, and that network governance, appropriately applied, is a means through which public health in Canada can better achieve its objectives. Part 3 examines the nature of the relationships with the voluntary sector and discovers that much of the potential of these organizations to contribute to public health is being lost.

Publication date
June 30, 2022
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