The Honest Toddler

by Bunmi Laditan (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

When you love someone, accept them as they are—pants or no pants

The toddler stage can be a rude awakening for parents. Seemingly overnight, their sweet infants morph into tyrants whose iron will is matched only by their adorableness. One minute they’re saying "I love you," and the next minute they’re delivering an unexpected slap to your face.

Parents aren’t blameless, though—toddlers have their own grievances. They just don’t express them “with their words,” whatever that means. But finally, after minutes of horror, they have the Honest Toddler to speak on their behalf. Who better to instruct parents on the needs of toddlers than an actual toddler who can authoritatively spell out preferred foods (fishy crackers, stat!), sleep training methods (hint: none), and the proper response to bananas with strings (complete collapse).

With a voice that is at once inimitable and universal, the Honest Toddler has built a loyal following of parents laughing through their tears as they recognize their own child in the shenanigans of one bravely honest tot.

Publication date
May 07, 2013
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