Think Yourself Thin, Based on Original Bestseller

by Debbie Johnson (Author)
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A booklet that eliminates the fluff and is similar to the original best-selling Booklet has helped thousands of people accomplish their weight and health goals or simply learn more about how they already create their own lives through their subconscious images. All the basics are in this booklet; we already know in this day and age that visualization and imagination are very powerful tools and even help quadriplegics to exercise and build muscles with their minds! Imagine how simple it would be to use that to get slim, too! Debbie Johnson dieted for ten years and the result was a weight gain of forty pounds! She gave up and quit dieting, realizing she could love herself as she was. Then the idea came to her to "think" herself thin, using all the positive imaging techniques she'd learned in sales and marketing. It happened! She lost the forty pounds and has kept it off over twenty-five years!! You can, too!* Learn the secret of the subconscious as the big computer in the body.* Discover how to program that computer to allow you to drop weight and stay slim for life.* Get stronger, healthier and more fit with every new image.* Learn the secrets of what makes this really work and many different mental "exercises" from which to choose.

Publication date
May 18, 2022
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