The Magic Doorway into the Divine

by Devrah Laval (Author)
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Once an aerobics teacher, dancer, and model; touted in the media as a ?goddess revolutionizing fitness;? courted by television producers in Canada and the US with offers of her own health and fitness show; caught up in a whirlwind of limousines, celebrities, and big business deals...

Devrah suddenly withdrew from the limelight after experiencing a profound, spontaneous enlightenment, followed by a miraculous healing ... and has spent the past thirty years helping others discover and experience their own Truth and pure love.

"The Magic Doorway into the Divine" is both a fascinating chronicle of the life-altering mystical experience and profound healing that awakened Devrah to her true Spiritual self and set her on a path of exploration and expression far beyond anything she had ever experienced or imagined...

...and a thoroughly engaging and enlightening guidebook for your own journey to spiritual freedom.

It helps us take those challenges we all face ? such as personal and financial losses; relationship issues; physical, mental, and emotional health concerns; spiritual emergencies ? to a whole new level of consciousness ... bringing unconditional love, compassion, and joy to every part of our lives as we discover the Divine Spirit within.

After showing, through real-life examples, the power and healing potential available to every one of us...

Devrah then boldly lays bare the delusions we may be hiding behind. She clearly shows us how to break any bonds they have on us and then takes us through the sometimes distressing process of purifying the Ego and emerging renewed, like chicks from the cosmic egg ? seeing the world and every experience with brand-new loving eyes.

"Who Am I?" is not just a question but a doorway to awakening from the dream and we all hold the key to unlocking the mystery of life, truth and purpose. Devrah Laval's book has been referred to as, "A roadmap of the spiritual journey."
It is a timeless work that shows how one can use every situation in life as a doorway to experiencing one's own divinity. Devrah shares her enlightenment experience and miraculous healing as examples of what we all can experience NOW.
New seekers of spiritual truth as well as those seasoned on a path will find solace, upliftment and inspiration, as well as deep comfort through the unspoken and difficult spiritual passages that may be traversed.

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May 05, 2012
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