The School Principals' Guide to Successful Daily Practices

by Barbara L. Brock (Author), Marilyn L. Grady (Author)
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While many books outline the attributes of successful school leaders, few describe how those traits manifest in daily practice. The Daily Practices of Successful Principals goes beyond the outward picture of excellence and provides a compendium of daily practices used by successful principals in various settings. Written by former administrators who have walked in your shoes, this handy guide's strategies are based on interviews with successful leaders and are applicable in multiple contexts. Inside you will find guidelines for:

Examining your values, educational platform, and personal style
Establishing learning as a common purpose
Identifying and leading school change
Managing staff and student relationships effectively
Developing teacher leaders

The authors understand that principals are expected to have the patience of Job, the tenacity of Atlas, the compassion of Mother Teresa, and a sense of humor. The recommended daily practices will help you stay focused on the most important thingsleading effectively, promoting student achievement, and making a positive difference in students' lives.

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April 01, 2014
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