The Graphic Novel Classroom

by Maureen Bakis (Author)
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Every teacher knows that keeping adolescents interested in learning can be challengingThe Graphic Novel Classroom overcomes that challenge. In these pages, you will learn how to create your own graphic novel in order to inspire students and make them love reading. Create your own superhero to teach reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving!

Secondary language arts teacher Maureen Bakis discovered this powerful pedagogy in her own search to engage her students. Amazingly successful results encouraged Bakis to provide this learning tool to other middle and high school teachers so that they might also use this foolproof method to inspire their students. Readers will learn how to incorporate graphic novels into their classrooms in order to:

Teach twenty-first-century skills such as interpretation of content and form
Improve students’ writing and visual comprehension
Captivate both struggling and proficient students in reading
Promote authentic literacy learning
Develop students’ ability to create in multiple formats

This all-encompassing resource includes teaching and learning models, text-specific detailed lesson units, and examples of student work. An effective, contemporary way to improve learning and inspire students to love reading, The Graphic Novel Classroom is the perfect superpower for every teacher of adolescent students!

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August 05, 2014
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