The Fundamentals of Special Education

by Bob Algozzine (Author), Jim Ysseldyke (Author)
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The busy educator’s concise guide to the essentials of special education!

In The Fundamentals of Special Education, authors Bob Algozzine and Jim Ysseldyke highlight the major concepts in special education, providing readers with a better understanding of the field, from disability categories and statistics to appropriate learning environments.

Including a pretest, posttest, and key vocabulary terms, this practical guide answers the many questions educators have about special education, including:

What is "special education" exactly, and why do we have it?
How many students receive special education services and who are they?
How are students identified for special education services?
Where are students with disabilities taught?
What is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?
What roles do general and special education teachers play in addressing the needs of students with disabilities, and how do their responsibilities overlap?
How does diversity influence special education?
What about students who are gifted and/or talented?

This excellent resource outlines a practicable approach to special education in all its many forms so that teachers can be prepared for the challenges they might face in the classroom.

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September 09, 2014
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